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> On 12/26/2014 3:49 AM, A. Marina Fournier wrote:
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>> I’ll pass on the beets, but would you please pass some of those dishes along down the table here?
>>> We are turning some of the leftover duck, some leftover roast pork and leftover roast beef into a cassoulet, complete with double thick cut bacon, garlic sausage and chicken thighs next sunday.
>> Have the tarbais beans? Sources for pantry or planting can be yours by request.
> No, just using the basic northern white beans, we buy in bulk at our co-op. I wouldn't mind having a go at Rob growing us some though - seed source info would be most welcome=)

Baker Seed--http://www.rareseeds.com/haricot-tarbais-bean/?F_All=Y
I have other sources for bean seed specialists, too.

> We pretty much buy what looks good in the veggie department. I am jealous of the good artichokes in California

I decided I liked Santa Cruz just fine when I went into a local grocery and found that the baby artichokes for nine cents/lb were not missing a digit in the price. I don’t know that Trader Joe’s could do better by you, where you live, alas.

> I really lust after a huge house with a huge kitchen and space to cook and feed 20 people

This 3br/2ba house is barely larger than my 2 br/1ba apt I rented before Kurt and I found a place together. I had a better cooking/dining set up there! This is the smallest oven--and sink— that I’ve ever had to use in a kitchen setting. I miss our last house—it was a great one for entertaining.

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