[LMB] Searching for an essay on The Sharing Knife

Nancy L. Barber nlbarber at alum.emory.edu
Sun Dec 28 01:35:37 GMT 2014

On Dec 27, 2014, at 8:24 PM, Laura Gallagher <celticdragonfly at gmail.com> wrote:

> I remember reading a fabulous essay on The Sharing Knife series a while
> back. Really did a good job on analyzing parallels and early/late atory
> details. I'm trying to find it again and failing. It doesn't seem to be in
> the Vorkosigan Companion or in the collection of essays about Bujold as a
> writer. Does anybody know what I'm talking about and where I could find it?

I don’t recall one specifically addressing those points (not the sort of thing my brain would hold on to), but a search of my Bujold list mailbox turned up links to several Sharing Knife essays from John Lennard on his LJ which you could check:

(Absent) Gods and the Sharing Knife: Lois McMaster Bujold’s Myths of Integration
Part 1 - http://bracketyjack.livejournal.com/20049.html
Part 2 - http://bracketyjack.livejournal.com/20238.html

Absent Gods, Absent Catastrophes : The Sharing Knife and The Lord of the Rings


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