[LMB] Curse of Chalion: Almost

Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 05:06:57 GMT 2014

Rachel: Why do you think that the Golden General went bad? He was trying to build
an empire, but so is Iselle.

Perhaps the Father was trying to roll over the Bastard and the demon that
meddled and then jumped into Jaen was actually part of the Bastard's plan
to disrupt what the Father had built.

Maybe it's not so much that the gods are in competition but rather that
only the Bastard is the god of balance--the Father doesn't precisely seek
to take over, he just has no sense of restraint when it comes to
cultivating his great souls.

Karen Hunt: I mostly think it because death magic worked on him.

es: I follow the temple committee's observation that death magic only worked on those who deserved it, so I agree with Karen's position. 

I also question the political motive, at least for Iselle. I think she was not strategizing how to build an empire. I think she knew her proper role and expected to marry into a foreign court. She wanted to be in a position to help Chalion wherever she was situated. Her proposal to Bergon is not made in order to control Ibra but to salvage Chalion. Being equal rulers is essential to her and Bergon. Also, the gods are concerned with grand plans which are above and beyond human politics, I think.

Rachel's further suggestions intrigue me. Of course, everything depends on material we don't know, as Karen pointed out in her earlier post. I'm a bit confused about how the Father and the Bastard aren't competing in Rachel's scenario. If Rachel is right, the Father and the Bastard seem quite Greek in their disinterest in humans for the sake of their grand plans.

I need to reread Paladin of Souls. Jaen's horrors -- both what is done to her and what she does to others -- ring frighteningly logical. I think of the Golden General very differently in that second book.

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