[LMB] OT: Seasonal Stuff, was Happy Winter....

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Sun Dec 28 14:24:09 GMT 2014

Welcome to Mercantile Megalomania.
The day after, if not weeks before, some Event happens, all the merchandise 
related to it get firesaled--clearance stickers put on them and marked down 
to get rid of them.  Their places on shelves get replace with merchandise 
for climate/events weeks to months in advance--the Valentine's Day themed 
stuff is on shelves now, and St Patrick's Day themes mercandise. And even 
though it's not even January, winter clothing clearancing started days ago 
in the USA.

Eggnog get regarded as seasonal merchandise, and if you d didn't buy it 
advance to have past Christmas, -tough-.  Note also the most of the "pumpkin 
spcie" stuff and canned pumpkin, even though pumpkin is a [technically 
fruit] which  stores well and lasts for month, has a "limited period" season 
from just before Halloween, to Thanksgiving Day--there's  big clearance 
point at Halloween, and an another at Thanksgiving Day.

--Paula Lieberman
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It's funny that a week ago the local supermarket had lots of different 
brands of egg nog - but they are all gone now.   I guess it is holiday fare.

But if someone likes egg nog, why would he only like it one month out of the 

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