[LMB] OT: Seasonal Stuff, was Happy Winter....

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Sun Dec 28 14:49:22 GMT 2014

Uh, it's much easier to find a swimsuit in January than in late July or any 
time past that into December.

I walked past a store full of swimsuits in Burlington Mall a few days ago. 
And the winterwear went on clearance sale a week or maybe two ago.

Pumpkin's been canned for a long time, actually.  And pumpkins do last for 
weeks/months stored, they're in the same family of flora as winter squash.

--Paula Lieberman
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> On Dec 28, 2014, at 07:24, Paula Lieberman <paal at filker.org> wrote:
> The day after, if not weeks before, some Event happens, all the 
> merchandise related to it get firesaled--clearance stickers put on them 
> and marked down to get rid of them.  Their places on shelves get replace 
> with merchandise for climate/events weeks to months in advance--the 
> Valentine's Day themed stuff is on shelves now, and St Patrick's Day 
> themes mercandise. And even though it's not even January, winter clothing 
> clearancing started days ago in the USA.
> Eggnog get regarded as seasonal merchandise, and if you d didn't buy it 
> advance to have past Christmas, -tough-.  Note also the most of the 
> "pumpkin spcie" stuff and canned pumpkin, even though pumpkin is a 
> [technically fruit] which  stores well and lasts for month, has a "limited 
> period" season from just before Halloween, to Thanksgiving Day--there's 
> big clearance point at Halloween, and an another at Thanksgiving Day.

Yep.   And it can be hard to buy a swim suit in January, even though we swim 
at rec centers.

Still, I like pumpkin pie any season, and I like one brand of egg nog any 
season.   My taste buds don't change after Christmas.

Many foods used to be only available at harvest unless they were preserved 
into different tastes.    Now we aren't so limited, except by tradition. 

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