[LMB] Curse of Chalion: Almost

Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 16:35:07 GMT 2014

Rachel: So then what I find interesting is that even though the golden
general went bad the Father didn't remove his blessing. That says to me
that what the golden general had was fundamentally different than the sort
of sainthood we've seen, in which the god's hand can be lifted at any time.

es: Cool point. I think the difference (trying to remember old list posts) is that the Father gave the Golden General real (or, a kind of metaphorical that wasn't sainthood) gifts. (I admit, the Golden General very vaguely reminds of the biological father of the Bastard as well as the hubristic mage who caused the fall in the Sharing Knife world. Each is on a completely separate level from the others, not comparable beyond this generalization.)

Rachel:  Iselle is also interested in Bergon because of his
experience with naval battle and her desire for a port city. She wishes to
win the war against the quadrenes. Cazaril tells her (page 132 in my copy)
that Chalion cannot take the five princedoms because it has no naval
experience to hold the coasts, and so she's interested in acquiring that
experience. There's a nice bit when she is deciding upon Bergon: "Iselle
leaned over the map again, her hand sweeping in a long arc encompassing
Chalion and Ibra both--two-thirds of the lands between the seas. . . Her
palm pressed flat and slowly slid along the north coast across the five
Roknari princedoms; pins popped from the paper and scattered." (247)

es: Nice. You have me there.

Rachel: I suppose they would be in a sort of competition, but I was imagining a
rather purposeless, impersonal competition. The Father would just go on
cultivating his great souls with no thought to whether his machinations
would result in him subsuming the other gods or not, because perhaps he has
no care for whether the world continues or ends. So, less a particular
grudge that he's holding against the Bastard and more a single-mindedness.

es: Gotcha. The Father really interests me. I tend to think of him more as judge than warrior, despite Arhys. 

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