[LMB] Here comes 2015!!!

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Sun Dec 28 23:59:43 GMT 2014

Having spent the last 20+ hour in "oh no, where is my cellphone?!!" angst, 
and finally finding it under my butt when sitting on cluttered area, perhaps 
I should have some goals to achieve before 2015 ends....

There is some limited ontopic content here, see first paragraph below, so 
I'm not labeling it OT:   (Yes, Thug, there is a Santa topic?? .. Um....)

They include:

o Trying to avoid getting into uncivil arguments here (some types of 
arguments can be fun, I used to have them with coworkers.... and then there 
was the fellow from Edinburgh with whom there was a REQUISITE three hour 
long argument (no, I am NOT exaggerating, really I am NOT! ) which 
apparently his educational training required Stand Your Ground logic from 
Challengers, and if the Challenger lasted the three hours, then the 
Challenger had valid points and the fellow would cooperate.. Yeah,  UGH!!!!! 
That was WAY over the top, even if someone for whom arguing is a hobby....)

o Writing reviews of at least some of the books I've read.
Writers I discovered this year include Jill Archer and M. J. Scott. 
Catherine Asaro's newest Skolian book I like a lot.

o Trying to be patient and supportive etc. as regards Lois and her Muse 
having charging/connection/etc. glitches for "forward momentum".  Hmm, 
perhaps Miles and HIS forward momentum wore the Muse out and its 
recovery/recharging is understandable skittish!

o Getting to a state where I won't be mislaying the cellphone, thereby 
obviating finding it by the "what is that under my rump that uncomfortable 
to sit on?" method.... (my father used to find his reading glasses that way. 
Uh, yeah, ADHD and such is in my genetics... )

--Paula Lieberman 

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