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> Unripe apples are green.  Ripe apples can be red, striped with red, green,
> yellow....   but unripe ones, are green.
> I don't think there's much of an export market for apples grown in New
> England.
Well, Macouns and Macintoshes to other parts of the country, maybe... but a
lot of our local varieties don't travel well or have other characteristics
that make them a strictly local product.

I'm a bit of a fiend for apples since I moved to New England and discovered
that there are hundreds of varieties with many different uses and
histories.  Here's a link to a really nice book about them.  It's kind of a
coffee table book with beautiful photos and so forth, but it includes a lot
of information.


And there is a surge in interest in hard ciders, with New England being one
of the few places in the US with more than a few cider apple trees left.
Hard cider was the drink of choice in New England for a couple of
centuries, and there are neglected old trees all over the place. Poverty
Hill Orchards/Farnum Hill Ciders is leading the way in reviving the hard
cider traditions.  If I lived closer, I'd be taking advantage of their
Growler Days, where you show up with a "growler" (a large glass bottle with
a stopper) and they fill it with whatever they have that week.  And they
have started a "Dooryard" line, with each batch being just a little
different. (http://www.povertylaneorchards.com/)

ObBujold:   The Farmers grow their own fruit mostly locally.   I doubt if
> they're getting apples from New Zealand....
> I have my own fruit trees but the insects are pests....
There was an orchard on our land at one point and we still have a few of
the old trees.  Pests are definitely a problem, and like many types of
apples, our trees mostly bear every other year.


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