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> >> Unripe apples are green.  Ripe apples can be red, striped with red,
> green, yellow....   but unripe ones, are green.
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> > Green blackberries are red.
> And ripe Granny Smith apples are green. Even on Barrayar. Hmm, not much
> mention of fruit
> in the Vor universe. Peach tarts, yes. But we have no knowledge of apples
> of any denomination
> on Barrayar.
Well, there are brillberries, which are red and grow in patches along a

And, actually, in Mountains of Mourning, Lem Csurik had an apple that he
fed to Fat Ninny just before he turned himself in to Miles; presumably it
was locally grown.

And the quaddies had a particularly succulent pear that Miles wanted to
sneak seeds from so he could bring it to Barrayar, but it turned out to be

Other fruits show up here and there. I could produce a more complete list
if anyone is interested.

Karen Hunt

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