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> > > For non-fruit trees, I've seen oak and maple mentioned; maple is fine
> for
> > > syrup and brown sugar, of course. I suppose someone might eat the
> acorns
> > > from the oak trees. Juniper is known as well (though it's more of the
> bush
> > > level of plant).
> > >
> Miles mentions ebony somewhere, perhaps in Memory. and I think walnut
> or black walnut get a mention too, though I'm less certain.
Indeed he does. It was imported to Barrayar about the time he was born, it
would seem (three decades before the events of Memory). Walnut shows
up twice in furniture in Vorkosigan House; since one is a chest in the
attic, I'm willing to claim a Time of Isolation history for the trees.

Also vesper-birch and elm are mentioned at the same time as ebony.

> Even Jackson's Whole has pears.  Miles scavenges one from a lab fridge
for Taura in Labyrinth.
> Megaera

I'd forgotten about that one! thx!
Karen Hunt

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