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> > Hm, I don;t recall chow hall gripes in Lois' stories...
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> > --Paula Lieberman
> Do the nasty comments about rat bars count?

You just need to go to Shards of Honor for some....
Chapter 4 has:
"These two are the old man's personal prisoners," Koudelka introduced them
to the cook, whom Cordelia suspected was more combat soldier than gourmet
chef, "and you know what he's like on that subject. The guy's got disruptor
damage. He said they're to have proper food, so don't try to poison them
with the usual swill."

"Everyone's a critic," muttered the yeoman-cook, as Koudelka vanished about
his other chores. "What'll you have?"
In less than an hour she had learned that the yeoman's name was Nilesa,
heard most of his life's history, and been offered the complete, if
severely limited, range of dainties a Barrayaran field kitchen had to
offer. The yeoman was evidently as starved for praise as his fellows were
for home cooking, for he followed her around racking his brain for small
personal services to offer her.

Later, Nilesa is the one who's willing to help her get to where the
mutineers are.

Karen Hunt

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