[LMB] Enhancements

aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 15:20:27 GMT 2014

On 1/15/2014 5:12 PM, Howard Brazee wrote:
> I believe lots of parents would enhance the genes of their kids to 
> remove problems. Fewer, but still significant, would be people who 
> would enhance the genes of their kids to make them more competitive. 
I would happily tweak to eliminate the alzheimers, the parkinsons, the 
diabetes, the chaotic evil malignant high blood pressure [if it is 
indeed a genetic time bomb and not something created by a drug I was on, 
there is some debate as to what caused and triggered it at this time] 
and the arthritis in my hands [the stuff in the lower half of my body is 
pretty much all athletics created except for the pseudo-gout] to run the 
list of my flawed genetics. Rob just rolled into adult onset type 2 
diabetes this past December, and he has a list of familial genetics as 
well, and some of them seem to intersect mine.

And I will say, I would consider having the modification of gills if we 
were still young and had a boat and were intending to be living upon 
said boat for the next 15 or more years - I would kill to have gills and 
it would make it infinitely safer for any kid who could possibly fall 
overboard [accidents happen, I don't want to hear how irresponsible it 
would be to raise a kid on a boat. Thousands of years of boat based 
tribes have done it. Deal with it.] I could see a Firkaesque mod to be 
quite appropriate for people moving to a mainly water planet, or a 
family that lives in boats, or a fishing family. I would go for more 
melanin in the skin, for the UV/IR protection. Same for the eyes, as 
well as a guarantee of 20/20 vision.

[I have a set of Thai silver bangles with bells that was made for *boys* 
so parents could keep track of their toddlers on the Thai boat people's 
boats. Girls were not kept track of, they were not as valuable.]

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