[LMB] OT:Domestic Help, Labyrinth, a beginning

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Sun Jan 19 00:44:45 GMT 2014

Pat Mathews wrote:
> <snip> So that's a 5-stage transmission, with copying errors possible 
> clear up until Gutenberg's time.

The situation isn't quite as bad as it sounds, because there were 
multiple lines of transmission - don't, in particular, forget the 
non-European communities! - each with their own errors. But *different* 
errors, allowing for partial reconstruction of the originals. Throw in 
the fact that some of the originals themselves survived, and you get 
something like evolutionary reconstruction - not entirely reliable, but 
far better than dealing with a single error-ridden transmission line.

(Granted, there are fundamentalists who regard the KJV itself as 
divinely inspired, but not all fundamentalists do.)

Jim Parish
(Catholic, if it matters)

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