[LMB] RoL OT: Moon Over Soho - chapter 1 - Body and Soul

Katherine Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Fri Jul 4 14:23:05 BST 2014

On Jul 4, 2014, at 1:31 AM, Carol Cooper <carolcooper at shaw.ca> wrote:

>> Heh.  The gnomes loitering in the garden remind me of Harry Potter--which
> is
>> presumably the point, or at least must be part of the calculation in a
> post-Harry
>> Potter world.
> Again, I don't think so - the whole pebble-dashed, begnomed, carriage-lamped
> effect projects a consistent impression of tweeness.  In class terms, it's
> defining it as lower middle-class - someone who's trying very hard to pretty
> the place up and look respectable, but getting it subtly wrong. 
Sorry, I didn't express myself well.  I know the gnomes themselves are there as part of the Mays' decor and contribute to our picture of the Mays, which has no connection with Harry Potter--I guess I took all that as a given.  I was just commenting on Aaronovitch's use of the word "loitering" and what that evokes, which includes the Weasleys' investation of gnomes.


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