[LMB] OT: married names, was LMB and jewelry

Katherine Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Mon Jul 7 03:22:44 BST 2014

On Jul 6, 2014, at 9:48 PM, Damien Sullivan <phoenix at mindstalk.net> wrote:

> I'm friends with 44 married women on Facebook, out of 95 female
> 'friends' total.  Of those 44, 26 never took their husband's name.  Of
> the other 18, 1 or maybe 2 (don't know her well) have the maiden-middle
> thing; a third has a maiden-husband hyphenated last name, and the rest
> are simply firstname husbandname.

What a useful source of data!
Hm, my statistics seem a bit different.
11 married women who kept their own name.
52 married women who took their husband's name.
18 of those also use their maiden name as a middle name, at least on Facebook (some of them use both names normally; some I've only seen their maiden name on Facebook).

I never thought of using my maiden name on Facebook, even though it is part of my whole legal name.  But then, it's Smith, which is not exactly unique.  And in any case, I didn't go into Facebook as a way to connect with people I've lost touch with, but to keep in better touch with relatives and far-flung friends (for which it works a treat).

Interestingly enough, the married women who kept their own name seem to be about evenly divided between women around my age (61) and younger women, but only one of those younger women is in my children's generation (20-30ish), and there are at least 9 in that age group who took their husband's name.  All the women older than my cohort took their husbands' names.

What is the age breakdown of your numbers, Damien?  I suppose these numbers are too small to be statistically significant, anyway, but my numbers suggest that the heyday of women keeping their maiden names was from the late '70s through the '90s.  


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