[LMB] Brit food, OT: 07/07

BlueRose stacey at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jul 9 00:51:48 BST 2014

On Wed, 9/7/14, T Neill <t_neill at hotmail.com> wrote:

*snip* > S - Im not so sure on the
 scones, to me a savoury scone has cheese and herbs and
 usually ham or bacon in it.
 > A plain scone is just flour butter milk
 and raising agent (some people may use sugar too) and the
 biscuits and gravy I had in Hawaii were def that sort of
 > Stacey
 Savory just
 equals not sweet. Flour, butter, raising agent, and milk or
 buttermilk is savory, as is adding cheese or herbs or
 meat.  Most scones in the US are sweet, usually with fruit;
 but cinnamon scones are known, too.
 A plain savory scone with milk gravy with
 sausage cooked in (biscuits and gravy) is bliss.

S......... OK cognitive dissonance here, so if its not sweet it must be savoury with no other choice - plain isnt an option?

Because in my world when it comes to scones you have THREE types  (this applies to many baked goods inc bread and pizza to FWIW)

Plain - basic flour butter milk and raising agent

Savoury - plain mix with savoury ingredients added - cheese, herbs, veges, meat etc

Sweet - cinnamon, date etc

To me the lack of sugar does not make savory, savoury is a different flavour profile all by itself.

Stacey - admittedly the HUGE amount of sugar I see in US recipes can possibly explain this as a concept from a USian POV, but its not right to me.

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