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If/when you create this video, be sure to post the link on-list.  I can't
be the only languages groupie hanging out here ;)


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> I'm thinking of doing a short Youtube video on Bible translation (and why
> no two translations are identical, and it's not a simple and easy thing of
> just plugging the right words into it).  I'd like to use a modern-day
> example, and I have a vague memory of a story Lois told about translating
> ACC into French.  I can't find it in the archives, so any help would be
> appreciated.
> The story, as I remember it, is about translating the end of ACC where
> Miles et al come home to find poor Armsman Roic trying to keep the chaos
> at bay while half-naked and covered in bug butter, and Miles says "Armsman
> Roic.  You appear to be out of uniform."  And the translator had a
> problem, because in English there are two meanings to that.  First, he's
> half-naked and literally "out of uniform."  Second, "out of uniform" is a
> technical term for one's uniform being not quite right.  In French, there
> isn't a way of conveying both meanings with one phrase, so the translator
> wanted to know which meaning she should translate, which Lois thought was
> a problem because she had meant *both* meanings, and didn't want to lose
> one of them.
> Am I remembering it right, and if so, did Lois tell us about it here or on
> her blog or somewhere else?  Or am I just completely off in left field
> here?
> Beatrice Otter
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