[LMB] Yippee!

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Fri Jul 18 14:04:16 BST 2014

Rats! - I have all the rest of the series from Baen, in different formats over 2 computers and a NOOK (Kindle App coming up next) - only this one is only in hardcopy. 
(of course I have the rest in hardcopy too.  I just wanted the set....)
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> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 21:16:12 +0100
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> From: Lois McMaster Bujold
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> Michael:  [...]
> Negotiations are proceeding as to whether the reissue of Memory in tpb in
> September will have a Baen e-book version.
> LMB:  Er, no?  No such negotiation has been broached to my knowledge.
> Where did you get this misinformation?
> Having had a couple of years to test the income stream from my
> direct-placement e-books, I can imagine very few circumstances in which
> I would ever give up e-rights again.
> Ta, L.
> ==
> As-You-Know-Lois, Baen paper publications have had an ebook to go with them 
> for fourteen years with only a hand of exceptions.
> So whoever set up the Baen publishing schedule page
> http://baen.com/schedule.asp
> with September 2014 put in Memory with both a book
> http://baen.com/order_isbn.asp?isbn=0671877437
> and a ebook link
> http://www.baenebooks.com/ordersku.aspx?SKU=067187845X
> Just like Captain Vorpatril's Alliance mmpb to come
> http://baen.com/order_isbn.asp?isbn=9781451638455
> http://www.baenebooks.com/ordersku.aspx?SKU=9781451638455
> The Memory ebook link just says "not currently available" so I asked Baen 
> Tech Support abut this and the monthly bundle and got a no plus a definite 
> maybe
> Wednesday, June 18, 2014
> "Memory is not featured within the September 2014 Monthly Baen Bundle 
> because we do not currently hold the necessary digital publishing rights to 
> sell it on Baen Ebooks. "
> "We are currently negotiating with the rights holder and hope to sell it on 
> our site, individually, by the reprint publication date. But please 
> understand we may not get the rights back at all."
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