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>> > On Mon, 28 Jul 2014 21:27:43 +1000, Gwynne Powell
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>> >> I think that it came down to a fight and they were stuck in the same big
>> >> protoplasmic blob, and the villain was excreted.
>> >> But totally blank on the name, sorry.
>On 7/28/2014 5:05 AM, Marc Wilson wrote:
>> > I remember the villain managing to grow an "arm" and stab at the other
>> > brains with a shard of rock.
>> Ditto here too - but I think it contained the deathless image of the 
>> protagonist trying to get the blob to put eyes on long stalks so he 
>> could look around - "everyone who is anyone has eyes on stalks!" (That 
>> phrase is so vivid in memory that I tried it on Google; no luck, alas.)
>We've found it now, and probably all reread it. But it's interesting - most
>of us have been reading sf for decades. How many stories have we read?
>And yet that story stuck in the minds of so many just in this small sample.
>What is it that makes some stories resonate so strongly? I've probably 
>forgotten 90% of the stories I read, or have only the haziest of memories.
>But that one - it stayed. And yet I can't see what made it so vivid.

Like a lot of re-reads, it's a little less striking than I remember. But
I was a teenager when I first read it.

The ones that *really* stick in my mind, I tend to remember titles too.

The creme de la creme, I remember who wrote them. :)


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