[LMB] planets in the Vorkosiverse

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 11 17:25:51 BST 2014

> From: Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com>

Some snips

Elizabeth Holden wrote:
>  > It has never occurred to me to judge characters by their planet or culture of origin.
> Howard said:
>  > All of her settings have flaws.
> >That's because they are *real*.?  And real places have flaws.

> They do. Quite possibly all the flaws we see in all the planets mentioned in the books exist, in forms allowable by current technology, somewhere on Earth right now. And has existed in the past.  All places are a mixed bag, because humans are.

There's two kinds of flaws, in this situation. There's serious flaws that
 the majority of the board would agree about (I don't say all. I doubt
we'd all agree on anything, but that's part of the fun.) 

Then there's 'I couldn't stand to live there' flaws, and those can vary
widely from person to person. 

Just as places here on Earth right now are a mixed bag, some we all 
agree are heartbreakingly flawed, others are more of a line call.

> >Having imperfect protagonists overcoming what the universe has to offer is a
> > huge part of what delights us.

> Well said. And I couldn't agree more.
> > Making things better requires that one isn't already in utopia.

> Assuming that a Utopia that would be Utopia for everyone can be imagined.

It'd never happen. But you can build your utopia next to mine if you like.



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