[LMB] Diplomatic Immunity Ch 2 -half of the problem

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Tue Mar 11 22:26:09 GMT 2014

> From: "Joseph A. Clark" <josephaclark at embarqmail.com>

> Elizabeth: So, Roic-lovers: what do you see in him that I
> don't?
> ===================================='
> Maybe Roic is "everyman" who quietly and competently goes
> about his duties without drawing undue attention to himself.

> Roic has demonstrated not only competence in his work, but
> also in his discretion.  He's very careful about what he
> says to whom, and if you recall, when he saw Ekaterin crying
> in the hallway in WG, did not say anything to Miles.  

I like to contrast the Roic of Winterfair Gifts and Diplomatic Immunity
with the Roic of Cryoburn. He gains so much confidence, and he has
such an interesting relationship with Miles - he's loyal and 
obedient but he'll question Miles, or caution him, when necessary. 
He'll boss him about the seizures. And his duties are delightfully
broad. Oh, and he also warns others about dealing with Miles - such
as what not to say when a casual word might set Miles off on a tear.
He's also much more confident with others - I love the scenes with
Raven, and with the children and the stunner. Roic really grows as
a character through the series - and it's so good to see a secondary
character do that.


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