[LMB] OT: Domestication of animals-dogs

CE cec_moss at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 04:02:16 GMT 2014

My pet theory (not just my theory)  about dogs is that mostly they domesticated themselves. Early humans were too busy staying alive to take on a wolf puppy, no matter how cute--they'd be a source of food. But wolves found out that humans had trash pile middens with some edible garbage. The least wild animal would keep closest to the food, and stay there longer. This is like the Russian fox experiment, except the wolves did it themselves.  This probably happened through generations of dogs.The foxes much less than 50 years to become friendly. Then when they were more domesticated, they could have displayed useful traits like barking at animals you'd want kept away, herding the sheep, and so on.  

And before you say the dogs lost a lot when they tamed from wolves, how many wolves live on the planet as compared to how many dogs?

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