[LMB] mpreg (and pronouns) OT:

beatrice_otter at haugensgalleri.com beatrice_otter at haugensgalleri.com
Fri Oct 3 04:32:09 BST 2014

For pronouns, I've always liked this system:
Male: he, him, his
Female: she, her, hers
neuter: zie, zir, zers

Has the advantage of being similar to the gendered pronouns, so it's
relatively easy to figure out by association, and yet different enough
that it's not going to be confused.

Speaking of pronouns, I had a pronoun issue today.  I was redoing a
baptismal liturgy, the printout version for me to use with all the names
and the correct pronouns instead of the "him/her" that's in the hymnal.  I
took the version we used for the last baptism we did (for a girl) and did
a search-and-replace on the name.  Then I did a search-and-replace
swapping out "her" for "him".

This led to some unexpected problems, such as "Father" becoming "Fathim". 
Thank God for observant secretaries ...

Beatrice Otter

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