[LMB] Regency Scandals, was The anti-romance of CVA

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 3 07:01:31 BST 2014

Paula: Lois' writing doesn't really have an equivalent of "the Devonshire House 
set"  even though Heyer's Regency England is a significant influence on her 
development as an author.   Aral's first wife had lovers, but not a 
disgraceful gambling habit--I can't recall gambling addiction playing much 
if any role in social ruin and crippling debts of characters in Lois' work. 
Investing in losing ventures, is not the same thing as going down 20,000 
pounds in an evening, or being 100,000 pounds in debt  from gaming tables 
losses the way Georgina's sister was.   Also, Aral's wife died of gunshot, 
self-administered or claimed in any later investigation to be that, after 
the uncomplaisant husband showed up to perpetrate homicide by duel for 
causing him to be a cuckolded husband.   Lady Caroline's mother's husband 
did not engage in duels with his wife's lovers, nor did Georgina duel Lady 
Foster or arrange an assassination for her

Micki: I think the Vorryuters were similar to the Devonshire set. People tended to agree that there was something not quite right about the family. It's very interesting that you bring up gambling. I don't remember a lot of gambling on Barrayar, but people were definitely losing their fortunes. Was Vorfolse the count who inherited a drained district, and decided to live in an apartment with one Armsman? That wasn't gambling in the cards-and-dice sense, but political gambling in the "which faction shall I back" sense. Dono's brother's estate was skating pretty close to bankruptcy, too, but again, I don't think it was gambling. 

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