[LMB] Trans issues (not entirely OT:)

Elin B elbju at yahoo.se
Mon Oct 6 16:36:19 BST 2014

Sylvia McIvers wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at
 11:03 AM, Elin B <elbju at yahoo.se>
 >> But biology is not just about genitals, body shapes, hormones... biology
>> also has a part in how the brain is
 shaped. And it does seem like at least
 some people have a very strong sense of their own gender
 that is both at
 > odds with the sex of
 their body, and what society tells them they are (=the
 > same as their body).
 >> Personally I think gender as in gender *roles* is very much a social
 > >construct, but gender as in gender
 > >*identity* might not always be. Brains
 > > are strange things, and it seems they're neither
 > > necessarily predetermined by the body
> >or infinitely malleable according to society's
> >wishes.
 > But teh brain is shaped by experiences, and pink/blue babies have different
> experiences from the time their little pink or blue beanies are put on
> their newborn heads.

> Seriously, did you ever hear people talk to/about the babies in the neo
> ward?  You can totally tell if its pink/blue without checking.  See what
> happens if you put a pink cap on a boy baby - people will talk to him
> like  a girl.  And v-v, because who the heck can tell, with a squished up
> little face?
> Sylvia
Oh, sure! I'm not disputing that. But it seems to me that that is all about gender roles - how people learn that boys and girls "should" behave etc. Again, I do think that's very much socially constructed. But gender identity - whether you yourself feel that you are a man or a woman, regardless of what your body or society says - is not quite the same thing. Not for all people, at least. Or so I gather, from listening to trans people. 

(I myself may feel that being a woman is right for me, not because of gender roles but simply because it feels right - but I'm very aware that may just be part of my upbringing and is obviously very hard to define. And I've seen some heated discussions on this part - many of my fellow feminists do not like the idea that anything having to do with sex/gender might be innate to the brain, even if it's just about sheer identity and nothing to do with temperament, aptitude, behaviour etc.)


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