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On 5 Oct 2014, at 10:14, Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:
> I liked it especially because it seems to me more about how art /really/ works, from what I've seen of working artists, than certain academic approaches.

When it came out, I took my belle-mere, a watercolorist, to see it with me. She wasn’t as fascinated as I was, but then, she’s had years to learn many of the observation techniques I’m barely acquainted with. Plus, oils. Money does allow one to accomplish quite a variety of things unthinkable by those without it.

I knew the Dutch painters of that time were discovering how to bring light into a darker room, and to better show the effect of light and shadows and where they lie. I seem to recall that she wasn’t thrilled with Hockney-the-person, nor was I.

> Good film. Recommended.

If for nothing else than learning HOW to observe, for memory’s sake and for the sake of reproducing what you see, it’s good. You do get to see the “back stage” of how reproductions of old techniques came about and are done with today’s technology.

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