[LMB] OT: Boys and Girls

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Mon Oct 13 16:12:22 BST 2014

Beatrice Otter wrote:
>> Things are definitely better, but I think part of what you notice here
>> is
>> an artifact of what you're paying attention to.  There have been some
>> very
>> interesting studies about gender and what people think they see vs.
>> what's
>> actually verifiably happening.  ...
>> How do I know she's probably getting less positive attention?  Within
>> the
>> last few years there was a study where they put cameras in classrooms to
>> see how often they called on boys vs. girls. ... The real surprise was
>> that the
>> teachers who thought they called on girls more often *still called on
>> boys
>> more*, but they were the closest to equal.  That was the overall
>> average,
>> but it did vary by subject.  Girls were least likely to be called on in
>> math and science classes and most likely to be called on in English and
>> arts classes.
>> It has to do with how our brains process information...  So as they were
>> calling on kids in class, their brain
>> would go "boy, boy, boy, GIRL, boy, boy, boy, GIRL, boy, boy, boy ..."
>> and
>> looking back they wouldn't notice the times they called on boys
>> ("normal!") but would remember the times they called on girls.

"Sylvia McIvers" <sylviamcivers at gmail.com> wrote:
> Beatrice, that's all very interesting.
> Do you know wehre the original studies were done?

No, sorry, I don't.  I know I probably saw articles on those studies at
least a year ago, maybe two.  But the thing is, I tend to read a lot of
articles on race and gender relations, so I don't necessarily remember
where I saw it, and a quick look through my bookmarks doesn't show those
particular studies.  I don't think they were from Atlantic magazine, but
they might have been.  On Dreamwidth I follow a lot of feminist sf/f fans,
and they give a lot of links to a wide variety of interesting studies and
articles and things like this, but if you want to find things later it's
not easy.  If I knew who had linked to them, and then spent a while
scrolling back through their entries, I could probably dig it up.

Thinking about it, the one about math grades may have been done in Chicago
or Detroit--midwest big city type place.  But I can't be sure.

Beatrice Otter

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