[LMB] OT: decorating advice-not.

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Wed Oct 15 18:12:02 BST 2014

On 10/14/2014 5:05 PM, mmjustus at mmjustus.com wrote:
> Kevin:
>> I went through a decluttering list I found online, just for 
>> curiosity. The suggestion for books was, if you're not going to 
>> reread it in six months, get rid of it.
> First rule of decluttering -- never, *ever* take decluttering advice 
> from people who don't read.
Especially since they seem to think that people want to live in a 
sterile box with no bookshelves, and only the occasional decorative 
coffee table book changed out seasonally, and professionally redecorated 
every year.

I read a 'bad home staging' website done by a real estate agent in 
Phoenix AZ, and he wants every house he has on the market to be 
redecorated to a bland neutral with absolutely no personal items, 
absolutely nothing like a knife block, hanging pot rack or whatnot 
indicating that someone actually cooks in the kitchen. 
http://www.uglyhousephotos.com./  *sigh* When he runs across a house 
that was last redecorated 20 or so years back, when people were flogging 
that one wall of some seriously vibrant color, or wallpaper, or 
stenciled trim, it is a house of horror, like some of the repo houses 
where the ex-owner has gone through with a sledgehammer and then punks 
came through and stole all the copper and painted gang signs everywhere. 
Not everybody who has retired parents all the way over in Phoenix can 
come for an expensive redecoration just to suit the real estate agent.

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