[LMB] LISTBIZ Warts . . . only?

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
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Warty discussions when the author is present, are things which have organic 
respect and politeness issues.  [Yes, this is from social 
not-COMPLETELY-Clueless-Wonder me, a person who should NEVER be mistaken for 
socially graceful, ept, and clueful. I realized -that- at the age of sex or 
so in first grade.]  It's perhaps possible to do humorously, as with the 
inconsistencies discussions of Larry Niven's Known Space Universe and its 
implosion from them, or the jokes in Rick Sternbach's cover painting for 
those books (black holes, McDonald's arches, and a fly painted on the edge 
of one of the paintings (the purchaser framed it with the fly covered 
up...). Generally, though....

--Paula Lieberman
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Howard continues a discussion:
When we discuss the books, we discuss things which bother us.   I was 
bothered by something in a pre-release book (the use of sidereal time aboard 
ship), which I hoped would be changed, but wasn't.    But try to make a 
whole thread of perceived "warts", and it will be a very short thread.

We haven't had a thread of praise - praise just came naturally when we had 
threads of her works.    That's where perceived wart discussion belongs as 

Micki: I agree. On this list, I've discussed warts that I've seen (for 
example, I'm not entirely convinced that the uterine replicator is the best 
way to go for every baby and every mother) as part of the thread where there 
is both praise and criticism. Some posters agree, some disagree (LOL, the 
vast majority, in the case of the UR!), most are polite, some are not. I 
feel very comfortable expressing my opinion, especially since I feel I know 
most of the posters and where they are coming from in their agreement or 
criticism. (And if I don't, I sometimes feel comfortable asking on-list or 

A "wart-only" discussion sounds pretty unpleasant, and not conducive to 
response. "I hate the Vorkosigan House sewer system. You'd think they'd raze 
the house and put in something new." "I disagree, I think it shows great 
understanding of the problems funding of a big house -- and with an economy 
and elegance of words." "NO! That's praise -- you are posting in the wrong 
thread! Warts only."

Wartless discussions don't tend to last long -- no conflict. But, if the OP 
feels the need to have a really warty discussion, I won't stand in his way. 
I just probably won't join in unless I see something interesting. 

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