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>>(Hmm, it’s odd that they didn’t interview any of the women who were in the original pilot training experimental classes when each of a dozen or so women were allowed, experimentally, into pilot training in the US Navy and into the USAir Force. )Tailhook was the US Naval Aviation annual convention.  The Makers episode did not mention the perncious effect of Top Gun, I remember hearing thatTailhook didn't turn into the sexist abusive zoo it had become by the timeof the scandal, until after the advent of Top Gun.<<
> The public civilian response was angry enough that Congress wound up ending the ban on women being on sea duty and ordered US Navy ships start having women as permanent crew members.

In 1987, I remember being told about a "friend’s” sister, who was serving at sea. He said her letters told of random searches for “lesbian sex toys” in the women’s quarters. I looked down at my hands, fingers spread, and looked back up, questions on my face (really!). He said that the guys doing this hadn’t the sense to realise that lesbians don’t necessarily want intromission by a penile object. It was harassment, pure and simple: no searches for gay-boy sex toys at all.

> The rest of Barrayar  might disdain the idea and regard women from offplanet as "frills,”

I must point you to a site or two I’ve found. The first is more pertinent to a particular (set of) “frill(s)”.

and about that particular frill in more detail  http://notoriousrbg.tumblr.com.  We will not be discussing this particular frill’s activities, as that would break one of the List Rules, but hey, Notorious RBG! Fear the Frill! Nerdcrush, anyone?

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