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> Paula writes:
> <snip>
> The perceptions of Cordelia, therefore, get run through the filter of e.g.
> Miles and and others as viewpoint characters, up the series timeline from
> Barrayar
> </snip>
> Margaret:
> You're thinking of Enrique.
> And Miles's response is something like "during the War of the
> Pretendership,
> she commanded troops when my father wasn't available".
> Completely dismissing (snip, yes, he did dismiss all her experiences.)
> Margaret
> Micki: But to be fair, Miles may not have known a lot of what his parents
> did. I'm sure a lot of it was classified, and of course he wasn't around to
> pick up on the subtle hints. I think this adds to the realism of the story.
> He *did* know about the shopping expedition, and I think that may be the
> only time she "commanded troops" -- unless you count Bothari as a troop she
> was commanding through the mountains during the Hide The Gregor episode.
> Kou may have been the only troop she commanded -- Bothari was an armsman
> and Drou was a bodyguard. Miles is unreliable. In a very human way . . . .
> (I still don't know what my dad did during the war. It was classified, he
> said. I only got a few stories . . . apparently they set up some
> dry-cleaning bags filled with burning gas, and someone reported them as
> UFOs . . . . I am a very unreliable narrator in this case.)
Thinking like an author, I'd be wanting to keep Miles's statements very
vague so as to have the most freedom in writing the actual tale later.

Thinking about the particular story and asking why Miles would choose to
speak so minimally about his mother's actions, I'd note simply that
Cavilo is an enemy and Miles is a new military and intelligence officer.
He's not going to give her any more information than he absolute has to,
and he's going to make it as least-useful as he possibly can.

Karen Hunt

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