Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Tue Oct 28 01:28:32 GMT 2014

> From: Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com>

Very belated thanks for the birthday wishes - I got very behind in my list
reading and am just catching up.  I had a nice relaxing birthday and went
out for dinner with my family.  I got a lovely necklace from my DH, which he
had picked up on a recent business trip to Colombia (it's a nice gold chain
in a pre-Columbian style - very perfectly to my taste).  My lovely daughter
got ambitious on the cake-making front and made me a croquembouche with a
nutella crème patisserie filling - just mind-blowing!

I have decided that I was quite happy being 59 and plan to stay that age for
a few years yet, hence the low-key 60th.  I'm in denial.  Maybe if I ignore
it, it will go away.


> Another rough day for the courier, who finally manages  to stagger up to
> Carol Cooper, who is now celebrating this day in 1954 when she joined the
> world.
> And, as the scroll delivered by the courier reveals, Carol will be
> in style. Well, a certain sort of style.
> For her special birthday commemoration, Carol will be spending some time
> with a very special Divine, the Temple Sorceress Learned Hallana.
> You will accompany Learned Hallana on her rounds as she visits and treats
> a variety of patients (it is advisable to avoid standing too close when
> using her demon- given powers on her patients. They work well for those
> who need particular treatments, but not always for innocent bystanders.)
> Hallana will also share her views on the world, and the gods - and she is
> woman of great and unusual wisdom.
> You will also have time with her family, at a delightfully informal meal.
> Hallana's children share some of her ability to create chaos, without
> apparently having demons in residence, but then that's common to most
> children.
> Have a list of questions ready, I'm sure there's plenty you'd like to ask
> Have a wonderful birthday, Carol!

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