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 Only Gregor seems close to flawless, but he is so 
> constrained in his Imperial role that very little of his person shines through.

Interesting point about the women being generally more formidable than the men.

..Unfortunately, women are too rarely the viewpoint once they become formidable. Ekatarin's viewpoint is lost once she gets engaged to Miles from the balcony, Kareen is quite limited in ACC (interesting though, in her relation with Marc and the opposites of Beta and Barrayar) and even though Tej has a main role in CVA, her viewpoint disappears once she gets into the game with her parents. And then it should get interesting to see if she feels the tension inside of keeping secrets from Ivan, or not. Cordelia's PoV is never restored after "Barrayar", and despite a  big role for Elli in EoA, it is always from Ethan's PoV. We have to guess their doubts and sentiments from their reactions, but that goes only so far.

Gregor has his period where he's not doing so well. In The Warrior's Apprentice, he falls for sycophants and believes what they have to say about Aral. In The Vor Game, he comes very close to committing suicide and then settles for running away instead.


..Agree, Gregor only becomes flawless after the Vor Game when he embraces his emperorhood. Never caught the link to Henri Vorvogue though...that guy is a bit of a mystery, although I believe Lady Alys is not too thrilled about him.


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