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>> > I imagine that people on this list will understand this more than anyone
>> > else I can think of.
>> > As Cordelia says "Save me from that! To pour yourself into sons for
>> > eighteen or twenty years and then have the government take them away and
>> > waste them cleaning up after some failure of politics -- no thanks."
>> > So tonight I am going to the Tower of London at sundown. My great-uncle
>> > John Hambelton Watson will be remembered in the ceremony tonight.
>> Sue, thanks for the update and link to the photos.
>> (Sue and her husband Michael took us to see the poppies in August... which
>> was a very powerful reminder of the costs of war. Many more have been set
>> out since then.)
>> Ann
>It must be an amazing sight - how long will it stay there? 

Until November 11th, I believe. 

I think they've missed a trick.  They should have built it up more
gradually, from August 2014 to November 2018, with the numbers
reflecting the daily casualty tolls. If the intention was "Lest we
forget", that is, rather than rolling in some borrowed imperial glory.


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