[LMB] Hugos and slates

Thad Coons tocoons at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 04:02:32 BST 2015

> How about "'No award' is better than letting a highly-vocal, unpleasant
> minority, whose leaders have been vocal and gleeful about tearing down the
> award, dictate what counts as good SF/F."

Well, both sides have been hurling invective at each other. But I don't
read vocal glee in tearing down the Hugo awards in what I've seen of
SP.  That reasoning for no award sounds a little scorched earth to me.
One of the vocal proponents of the political correctness theory of literary
merit has recently  posted a diatribe that reads as if it might have been
ghost-written for her by an orc-maid  and seems to be actually gaining
recruits for the opposition.

Very true!  Except that the Hugos today are no more likely to skew that
> way than they were in decades past, in my opinion.  2013 gave the Hugo to
> Redshirts, for crying out loud!  It's a great book, but not at all
> abstruse or in a heightened literary style or anything.  Just solid
> middle-of-the-road SF adventure story with a large helping of humor.

Well, yes, occasionally something good does slip through.

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