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> >     Horrible thought:  might Ges have *set up* Aral's wife in order to
> > break up her and Aral?  Oh, I doubt he expected her to *kill* herself,
> but
> > Ges has a lot of "jealous/jilted lover" in his behavior regarding Aral.
> > "Punishing" Aral while also giving him an excuse to fall back into Ges's
> > arms would seem a very Ges-like thing to do.
> >
> >
> I think Ges handed her the knife.
But she died by plasma arc.  Aral specifically says something about her
beautiful face being blown away by it.

Lots of possibilities but my favorites are either that she did it herself,
or Piotr had placed a servant within Vorrutyer house to kill her. "Giving"
servants to other families seems like a relatively common practice so it
wouldn't have seemed unusual.

But of course Ges could have been involved.


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