[LMB] BiA: Chapter 9 - People before Principles

Thad Coons tocoons at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 06:42:18 BST 2015

People before Principles sounds good, if you're thinking of how principles
have so often been abused. But when you consider who gets to define
"people", you can get to:  My tribe are people, Yours are not. My friends
are people, yours are not. My class is people, yours are not.
That has historically racked up some pretty impressive body counts.
Or, if body counts are distressful, Vor over proples. My rich, powerful
friends like Serg and Ges over your poor bastards like Bothari.
Educated town folk over Silvy Vale. Healthy childbearing women over
defective mutants. Reverse those, if you sympathize with the underdog,
but watch your revolutionary assumptions that the underdogs are inherently
any better people just because they are underdogs.   It seems like you can
go pretty badly wrong with people over principles too.

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