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Nobody said it couldn't be both.  A proper activity for a young Vor lord, that just *happens* to give a good look at certain characteristics that need to be looked at. Like I said, Piotr played the Great Game very, very well. We're all so focused on Aral that we forget where and who he learned it all from.

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> I think that was actually tested for. Isn't there a reference in The Vor Game, where Gregor and Miles are having the wrap-up conversation, how as a kid Gregor ?would go/be taken along on Lord Vorkosigan's hunting trips? Miles says how he knows Gregor's not a sadist because of how he reacted to the kills, but I'm sure that he wasn't the only one watching and judging. Piotr could be very subtle when he wanted to be.?
> Raye?

Ooooh clever! I thought it was just Piotr giving the boys a proper
Barrayaran Vor upbringing. But you're right, Piotr could be as twisty
and ruthless as anyone, and he'd know all the signs Mad Yuri gave. 
He'd have seen Serg from the beginning as well. So he'd watched two 
generations of mad Vorbarras. 

Of course, Gregor knew they were watching him....

Paranoia. Fun for the whole family.

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