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Am 03.12.2015 um 20:53 schrieb Sylvia McIvers:
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>>> From: "M R L Dolbear" m.dolbear at lineone.net
>> A lot of people on trial claim to be innocent. FP would help them prove it.
> But a lot of people on trial clamin to be innocent, and are not required to
> incriminate themselves by telling the truth. And refusing FP would
> immediately be taken as Proof of Dastardly Actions, instead of Proof of Not
> Trusting the Authorities.

if they HAVE to go through a regular court first and can only opt for FP 
to clear themselves AFTER having been successfully convicted that would 
not be the case ..

>>> Plus the ones whose alibi is that they were committing a crime elsewhere.

which is why the questions under FP may only refer to facts as 
established in the conventional court case ..



>> They wouldn't need an alibi. Just 'Did you kill X?'  'No.'
> FP seems to be more wide-ranging htan that. Ekaterin's first repsonse was,
> 'it doesn't hurt' - what would someone who was moderately guilty or was
> trying to protect the guilty have as a first response?
> Don't even get me started on Miles elaborating on questions - opinions
> about people's character's recipes...
> FP and truth drugs are not so simple.
>>> Note the petty judge whose gift from the Father in Curse of C was truth.
>> As Miles points out, you have to ask the right questions.
>> Gwynne (I still think a lot of innocent people would be happy to walk out
>> of the shadow of suspicion.)
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