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>For the same reason you don’t name important structures or statues of living people.
>Call no man good until he is dead.

Dead when it was named, but the irony of naming an airport for the man, Ronald Reagan, who fired all the air traffic controllers during his term is not lost on me.

The Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport in San Jose (SJC) was named after him in November 2001 when Mineta was serving as Secretary of Transportation.[9] The Mineta Transportation Institute, located at San Jose State University, and portions of California State Highway 85 are named after him.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Mineta He was interned with his family at Heart Mountain, has been a city councilman for San Jose, its mayor (he got over 60% of the vote in all districts!), Rep. for a lot of Silly Valley for 20 years, serving on the House Committee for Transportation & Infrastructure doing that time, wrote the the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, which officially apologized for and redressed the injustices endured by Japanese Americans during World War II. He is the longest-serving Sec. of Transportation, under two Presidents.

He has also been very active in issues of civil rights--as many former internees have been. In 2007, the Japanese government conferred him the Grand Cordon, Order of the Rising Sun. In December 2006, Mineta was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Admirable man. Still alive. Would be honoured to meet him someday. I will not be discussing his politics or political life here, aside from citing his record above.

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