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On 12/3/2015 10:16 PM, Howard Brazee wrote:
> Psychologists have lots of evidence that we have false memories.
We did a module in one of my psych classes on how to self hypnotize to 
modify memories ... it is only ethical to do it to ones-self [and I am 
not entirely certain I would go along with it being ethical to do to 
ones-self. I dislike the idea of self delusion.] I do world building my 
own pocket universe to have a pain control happy place. Same technique 
of visualization is used to create or change a memory.

And it is roughly the same as always hearing the family recount 
something that you did that was annoying/cute/precocious at a family 
celebration when you were what is realistically to young to have the 
full memory [I have *glimpses* of playing with a black and white cat. I 
never actually knew my sister had a black and white cat that died when I 
was 2 years old so I should have not had any flashes of playing with the 
cat. In all, probably about 2 seconds of memory flash.] If I were to 
have done something like ride one of my grandfathers Shepherds like a 
pony, I could have been given the memory of riding it if I had grown up 
hearing that I rode the silly thing. Typically, forming memories takes a 
certain amount of interactivity with others and changes in location or 
situations - one of the reasons that being shoved into a retirement home 
tends to be fairly bad for the elderly because one day blends into the 
next and inhibits memory formation. As a rough in general children under 
kindergarten age don't end to retain memories for more than a few years 
- training reinforcement is required [hence the repeated reinforcement 
of manners training, or rote learning of the alphabet and numbers.]

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