[LMB] OT: Irony and past leaders, was Gregor

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>> I applaud the places that have auto-registered voters.  It's sadly going
>the other way here; it used to be possible for universities to
>block-register students, now they have to register individually.  IMO,
>it's a blatant attempt by the Tories to suppress the youth vote, which
>seldom goes in their favour.
>MW> it used to be possible for universities to block-register students, now 
>they have to register individually.
>I am seeing that statement in a lot of places and no citations or references




>I understood that block-register "register them en masse" only applied to 
>students in University halls of residence and other provided accommodation. 
>Most Unis have less than half of students in such so this is probably a bit 
>of a made up point.

Up until 2014, the University could act as "Head of the Household" for

That's now been stopped.

It doesn't just affect students; all adults must now register
individually.  This will disproportionately affect the young, ethnic
minorities, and the poor.



The principle is fine: moving away from the Victorian notion of "Head of
Household".  But the timing is cynical: those missing will be deemed not
to exist when the boundary changes are considered this month, allowing
some gerrymandering to go on.

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