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The below mistake is mine. Of course it is the 9th Baronet, who was not the son of the 8th. The current dispute revolves around who should be the 11th.
There was a program on Channel some years back about doubts as to the
legitimacy of Edward IV. It turned out that if he wasn't legitimate,
then some middle-aged Australian turned out to be our rightful king
(ignoring things like right of conquest, of course).

In Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando, when Orlando returns to England after his transformation, everyone at home assuming him to be dead, she finds herself embroiled in a legal battle to get her property back: "The chief charges against her were (1) that she was dead, and therefore could not hold any property whatsoever; (2) that she was a woman, which amounts to much the same thing". I can't recall how many decades this took to run through the Court (of Chancery?), but it quite a long time.

Loved the move, read the book, liked it too.

Marina, who has yet to call AppleSupport today.

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