[LMB] Why is Aral bisexual?

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Thu Dec 10 01:45:57 GMT 2015

[LMB] Why is Aral bisexual?
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Wed Dec 9 23:54:24 GMT 2015

On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 6:47 PM, anmar Caver <anmar.mirza at gmail.com> 

 > I am trying to remember if it is SoH or Barrayar where she has the 
 > who has two households he takes care of, though that isn't open polyamory
 > either as they do not know of each other.  I am leaning towards SoH, 
 > it could be abother book entirely.

KH:  It's Barrayar, and the fellow is one of the Vorkosigan armsmen. He 
has a
wife in the city and one in the country.

LMB:  Who met each other when both, with their kids, were taken to 
Vordarian's hostage hotel in Vorbarr Sultana.  Really, more classic 
bigamy at that point than poly.

I have always wondered how that played out.  Wives united against a 
common enemy, I expect.  (And then against their spouse.)  I would like 
to think they all found their way to a happily ever after, after.

I recall, dimly, a long-ago comedy movie featuring a fellow who had one 
family at one end of the rail line, and another at another. Rather 
cheated by having one of the wives already deceased when the film began.

KH:  There are other polyamorous relationships in the Vorkosigan Saga, 
Earliest is in The Warrior's Apprentice, where Tav Calhoun's girlfriend's
wife has been questioned by Barrayarans. Most complex is the one in
Diplomatic Immunity with Guppy as one of four husbands for Gras-Grace.

LMB:  Oh, I tend to forget Guppy's tragically lost family-of-choice when 
people ask me about these things.  Shall have to keep them in mind.  
Poor Redshirts.

Ta, L.

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