[LMB] Why is Aral bisexual?

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Fri Dec 11 12:45:35 GMT 2015

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> But as I said - we know that valid reasons can allow someone to break his marriage oath - or even his oath to the emperor!    Humans and societies find ways to do what we want.

And giving a marriage oath to a woman would be very different
to giving a marriage oath to your lord or emperor. Guy stuff is so 
much more important, after all.

Besides, marriage is important for titles and inheritance, which 
aren't much of a problem for proles. I don't think a Vor lord like
Piotr would regard a prole's private life as being in any way 
comparable in honour to being an armsman. 

Also, the couple swear their vows to each other; it's likely that 
there's some kind of 'forsaking all others' line. Which most Vor
lords had no trouble breaking - there's various mentions of 
courtesans here and there in the text.

There's definitely different levels of oaths - I can't find the textev, 
but there's a comment - somewhere - that women can't take 
important oaths. Since one of the oaths they CAN take is marriage, 
it tells you where that stands on the scale. 

Gwynne (I remember when I had a memory... no I don't.)


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