[LMB] Why is Aral bisexual?

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Sun Dec 13 01:42:17 GMT 2015

> On Dec 12, 2015, at 6:37 PM, Jim Parish <jparish at siue.edu> wrote:
> Marc Wilson wrote:
>>> I enjoyed Cherryh's subversion of [the trope of The First Female Pilot] in "Pride of Chanur". 
> Howard Brazee replied:
>> Aliens don’t count.
> Mmm, but this case is unusual: the reasons why the hani keep their males in purdah are based on stereotypical male characteristics, which are not that far from the traditional Western stereotypes.

But I don’t think it is breaking away from sexual stereotypes but redefining them to the other gender.   No subversion.

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