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Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Thu Dec 24 19:39:53 GMT 2015

> On Dec 24, 2015, at 8:04 AM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> How important is free choice? Because no matter how happy and 
> fulfilled Rish and the other Jewels are, I still feel a bit iffy about it all.
> Even though the Jewels seem happier, more secure, and more useful than 
> the even-sibs.


That is the big question for me too.   Damon Knight s  The Country of the Kind  shows one extreme,  1984  another extreme.    Most of us are somewhere in the middle.   We wish to cure people whose psychologies are dangerous to us and ours.    But that could mean murderers, child molesters, spouse abusers, thieves, heretics, or people of the other political persuasion.    It has included people with different sexual orientations.


Right now, there are societies in Asia, I think, where blending in is rewarded more than individuality. 

I think that we in most Western-style societies are mostly fooling ourselves about how much free choice we really have. Sure, I can decide to go to the store now or later, but significant decisions stem from who I am, and who I am was shaped by my parents, my childhood, and my society. Even decisions I make regarding how to shape my character (psychotherapy, etc.) are made by a character that did not have free choice.


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