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Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 15:51:20 GMT 2015

Yes I have noticed it - and even noticed the difference between shopping 
in Germany shopping at the Real in Boblingen as opposed to any similar 
super grocery store here in the US [though I really referred to soups - 
in Germany they have 12 soup making companies with 100 flavors as 
opposed to 100 soup making companies with 12 flavors here in the US ... 
though the numbers are exaggerated it isn't far from the truth. I mean, 
cream of carrot soup that I don't have to make myself and only have to 
tear open an package to make?!!! I would move to Germany for the grocery 

Heckfire, I also loved the meat department - not even a dedicated 
butchers shop, and I could buy anything from enough ground meat to make 
a single burger to half a cow, and everything from quail up to turkey 
and anything duck sized or larger either whole or a single wing or 
breast if that is what I wanted .... meat from the typical for the US 
beef, pork, chicken, lamb and an occasional duck, goose or cornish game 
hen to Germany's rabbit, venison, wild boar, horse ... and yes I will 
fully admit to eating and enjoying horse. Heck, in Germany I can buy 
anything from a dainty spring chicken, hefty capon or aged and very 
tasty soup hen.

Damn, and now I am frelling hungry *sob*

On 12/27/2015 10:09 AM, William A Wenrich wrote:
> Has anyone else noticed a shrinking of the variety of products carried in
> local stores? I'm not talking about different products or even different
> brands but different variations within brands. (I hope I'm explaining this
> clearly.)

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