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Manor and feudal societies, generally locked children into the social strata 
and roles of the parents/families.  The children of servants were servants 
or went to eg cities to be workers  The children of tenant farmers were 
tenant farmers, or might escape to cities.  The children of the gentry and 
nobility and royalty, had their class-determined future lives.   People were 
defined by their society to fit into the categories they had been born into. 
That's even less fostering of unfettered  self-determination than 
genengineering e.g. the azi in C. J. Cherryh's SF universes, to fit roles 
and careers.  And for that matter, the azi in 40,000 in Gehenna, got their 
universe changing when instead of having a laid-out future of service as 
genengineered for specific careers, they were sent to the Gehenna colony and 
retrained to live as born humans, withc -choices-.

The Jewels were raised with self-determination, they role was 
self-actualization, to become whom they wanted to become... which is a lot 
more freedom than the slaves and serfs and such  in most of the world 
history have had.

--Paula Lieberman
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So I struggle with the whole thing - is it ok to Jeeves people if it means
they'll have very happy and fulfilled lives? After all, parents try to
guide their children into particular modes of thinking and behaving. We
not only accept that, we expect it.

If someone paid a House on JW to create a squad of servants, who were
genetically programmed to be subservient, and to pass that on to their
children to create generations, a whole social class, of happy
hardworking obedient workers... is that ok? They'll be happy, fulfilled,
live comfortable lives, and produce children who'll follow the same path
without question.

How important is free choice? Because no matter how happy and
fulfilled Rish and the other Jewels are, I still feel a bit iffy about it 
Even though the Jewels seem happier, more secure, and more useful
than the even-sibs.

Where's the line?

Gwynne (confused, up late, and it's CHRISTMAS!!!)

I know.  The idea of correcting things, so kids are born with 20/20 vision, 
good hearing, no inheritable diseases, etc. is good, but where do you stop 
when tweaking for beauty, high IQ(not just wherever in the 'not retarded' 
range,) extra athletic/musical/whatever talents,
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