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Apparent genentics which makes people react very badly to fava beans, 
provides some protection against malaria!
And -one- copy of the sickle cell anemia gene, which if carried from -one- 
parent and not both (one copy, as opposed to two...), provides some 
protection against malaria.  Having it from both parents, tends to be lethal 
at a relatively young age.

--Paula Lieberman
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I have really no objection to correcting a genetic trait that results in
such pointless suffering, and I doubt few people would.  That isn't the
problem.  The problem is that the technology needed to alter the genes to
eliminate that, would make possible many highly questionable deletions that
people would likely insist upon enacting, too.

Alas, as Herself notes, evolution doesn't necessarily act to preserve
individual lives.  We've developed systems of reproduction that guarantee
some people will get really awful genes, merely to ensure that large
amounts of diversity exist in case of change.  Giving everyone the precise
genes to maximize fitness in a given moment would result in disaster once
things change even slightly.  But a certain number of people are destined
to be sacrifices.

Matt "the blind idiot god is cruel and heartless" G.

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